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What Is Sepsis?​

Sepsis remains to be the leading cause of death following an infection despite the significant advances in modern medicine. When an infection occurs, the body releases chemicals into the bloodstream to help fight the infection. Sepsis, often called blood poisoning, occurs when the reaction to the infection begins to damage your tissues and organs, potentially causing organ failure or death. Sepsis can evolve into septic shock where there is a drastic decrease in blood pressure, increasing the likelihood of death. Sepsis continues to claim more lives than any cancer; however, it is yet to receive the same level of awareness. Lack of public awareness and delayed treatment contribute to making sepsis the #1 preventable cause of death worldwide. Early detection and appropriate intervention can significantly improve the odds of surviving sepsis.

What Should I Do If I Think I Have Sepsis?

Sepsis is a medical emergency, so every minute counts. Infection can spread quickly through the body making it crucial to seek medical attention immediately. If you suspect you may have sepsis, report to the nearest emergency room or urgent care clinic and inform the health care provider that you suspect you have sepsis.

Our Mission

  • Educate Canadians about sepsis including its risks, prevention, treatment, and outcomes.
  • Advocate for improvements in prevention and care by raising awareness of the burden of sepsis on Canadian health care system.
  • Support survivors of sepsis and their families through advocacy and networking.
  • Support sepsis research including strategies for prevention, recognition, treatment, capacity building and innovations in care.


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