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Sepsis Research in Canada

Nick Daneman (BALANCE -can we safely stop antibiotics )

Margaret Herridge (Post Discharge Morbidity)

Kissoon et al ( Sepsis markers in Newborns, Post Discharges Mortality and Morbidity etc) 

Tobi Kohlmann et al (Probiotics in Children at BCCH)   

Paul Kubes (sepsis microcirculation)

Anand Kumar (database)

Francois Lamontagne (vasopressors for septic shock)

John Marshall (neutrophil function and pandemic planning)

Lauralyn McIntyre (stem cells for septic shock)

Kusum Menon (steroids for pediatric septic shock)

Melissa Parker (resuscitation strategies for pediatric septic shock)

Bram Rochwerg (Fluids in septic shock)

Michael Sharpe (Vitamin C)

David Sweet (gamification to improve sepsis treatment)

The Edmonton Group – Guidelines etc  

Graeme Thompson in Alberta – sepsis in the PED

Ryan Zarychanski (heparin and IVIG for septic shock)

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